Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

Global Women’s Empowerment Magazine (GWEM) that highlights women’s sustainability on the global stage, collaboration projects, and women’s health issues. GWEM aims to be a diverse platform that allows for your dream of the world being a better place to be showcased and shared in a variety of different media. Our core mission of Empowerment encompasses the quest of creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive space to share intercultural stories and goals.


GWEM Magazine is an independent organization that was founded in 2020 by Amanda Hart. GWEM started as a Student Project at University at Buffalo and quickly grew support from the ELN Network, Global Gender & Sexuality Studies, The Gender Institute at the University at Buffalo, as well as neighboring Universities such as StonyBrook..


The ELN Project Portal supports students who would like to work with GWEM at UB  with Dr. Mara Huber as the official mentor. Experiential Learning Projects place the learner in the seat of empowerment as they embark on finding a way they feel they can add value to the organization. In doing, students get access to  UB ELN Support, a project mentor, communications with GWEM* Staff and more!

We are off to an exciting start to a deep journey on the search for a better, diverse, equal, and sustainable world. Shine On!







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