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(GWEM is an Independent Publication Owned and Operated By Amanda Hart)

A Global Women’s Magazine and movement that highlights women’s sustainability on the global stage, collaboration projects, and women’s health issues. GWEM aims to be a diverse platform that allows for your dream of the world being a better place to be showcased and shared in a variety of different media. Our core mission of Empowerment and equality encompasses the quest of creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive space to share intercultural stories and goals.


GWEM has had global and local success featuring and collaborating with organizations all over the world including Canada, the United Kingdom, Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria, the United States,


The GWEM* Movement is geared toward creating programs and opportunities for women* that will pass the torch and tools of empowerment to the next generation.



GWEM Is working on becoming an International Platform for Change-makers and trailblazers.



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